Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan recently posted a photo of his daughter Mae McKagan on his Instagram account and revealed his real thoughts about his daughter’s modeling career.

As you may know, Duff has two daughters from his marriage to Susan Holmes, Grace and Mae. While Grace has been leading a music career like her father as the singer of ‘The Pink Slips‘ and as a solo artist, Mae has been pursuing a career in modeling.

Mae McKagan is one of the most famous models of ‘No Agency Network’ and she has been treating her followers by posting her gorgeous photoshoots. Even though Duff has been showing his support for his daughter’s modeling career by commenting on her photos, he revealed his true feelings about it in his latest Instagram post.

Duff recently posted a photo of Mae from a photoshoot for the famous boutique MIAOU and referred to his daughter as his life. He said that he is very proud of her and promoted her career as a model by posting her photo on his own Instagram account.

Mae’s sister, Grace, also showed her support for her sister’s success as she commented on the photo that her father posted by saying ‘So fire.’ Seeing the whole family supporting each others’ achievements warmed the hearts of Duff’s and his daughters’ fans.

Here’s what Duff said in the caption of his Instagram post:

My life! Miss Mae McKagan for MIAOU. So proud of her!”

Here’s what Grace commented under her father’s post:

So fire!”

You can check out the photo that Duff McKagan posted on his Instagram account below.