Photo Credit: Bass Player Magazine

Iconic bass player of Guns N’ Roses, Duff McKagan spoke in an interview with Bass Guitar Magazine, and revealed his best advice to beginners.

Here’s what he said:

“If a young bass player asks me, ‘What do I need to know?’, I would say that you need to know when not to play. That’s what I’m discovering more and more.

In Guns, we really discovered that on ‘Appetite,’ where Slash had his heavy guitar tones; I would come in on a fill or a riff with him and then back out.

Steven [Adler]’s drumming wasn’t over the top; his backbeat was a thing you could lock into, and Izzy [Stradlin, guitar] had a lot of running lines – so where did the bass fit into all that stuff? We all found our spot, and that taught me a lot.”

He also talked about his latest solo album, ‘Tenderness’, and said:

“This record is all about trying to heal. I use a lot of ‘We’ in the song lyrics because it doesn’t matter what I think. These songs are my observations about everything from homelessness, to the Oxycontin ravages in certain parts of the USA, to the talking heads on TV that everybody watches.

“Look at history and how it repeats itself. We’re all still getting fooled by The Man; they’ve found a really good way to keep us down – by separating us. But we’re better – and smarter – than that, and my record is trying to highlight that. We’re all in this together.”

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