During a recent interview with Henry Rollins, classic line up bassist of Guns N’ Roses, Duff McKagan has revealed the story of his first meeting Axl Rose.

He also told the details of Axl Rose’s first live show which he was singing for L.A Guns. According to Duff, Axl and his band were some kinds of scary at that moment. Here’s what he told:

“I met Slash [during] the first week or two I was here through an ad. His name was Slash. His influences were Fear and Alice Cooper. I’m like, ‘He’s got to be a punk rock guy around my age.’ I met Slash, and he wasn’t a punk rock guy, but he was around my age. He had seen The Germs… he took me to [a] show, and it was Axl and L.A. GUNS.

While I don’t remember the music too much, I remember him coming out [as] this force, like that Henry Rollins guy I’d seen in 1981. I could tell he prepared for the show. I backed up when he came out on stage.

There was this anger, and it wasn’t false. I knew how to recognize what real was, and that was real. I love to back away from any stage to this day. I love a band that scares me a little bit.”

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