Duff McKagan, the bass player of Guns N’ Roses, spoke in an interview with Mistress Carrie from WAFF radio and revealed some details about his bandmates’ routines before their live shows.

First of all, he talked on Axl Rose:

“Watching Axl prepare for a show — an hour and a half [of] vocal warmups,” Duff said (hear audio below). “And then when he goes onstage and just kind of the thing that comes over him… That guy couldn’t phone in a gig… He couldn’t do it.

He would die first, I think; you would have to shoot him in the head. And then the hour-and-a-half warmdowns.”

He continued, and mentioned about Slash:

“And watching Slash play guitar all day long, and then lose himself when we play the shows. Sometimes he’s just gone.

When he’s [doing] his solo, I have to sometimes actually tap him on the foot, like, ‘Dude, come back into the song.’ ‘Oh, what? Okay.’ So that makes me work.”

Click here for the source of the statement. (Blabbermouth) You can listen to the entire podcast below.