On a recent Instagram post, Guns N’ Roses’ newest member Melissa Reese flaunted her natural beauty and showed her new hairstyle with her followers.

In the picture, you can see that Melissa took a selfie inside the house, and she was looking so beautiful even without wearing any makeup. Also, she revealed her freshly blue-dyed hair and stated that they were almost going back to regular.

Melissa Reese on her new hairstyle:

“This calls for no filter 😆 Thank goodness I’m all blue again 💙.

Almost back to regular! Seems like the lash serum is working also – never would have believed it 🤷‍♀️”

A fan named Jorge added this comment:

“Can’t wait for you to get back on stage! 🤩”

Another fan named Jürgen said:

“So lovely. Greetings from Germany.💙”

We leave the post of Melissa below.