Founder member of Guns N’ Roses, Tracii Guns (current guitarist of L.A. Guns) has posted a surprising tweet about the president of the United States, Donald Trump via his official and verified Twitter account.

Yesterday, Left-wing activist and actress, Alyssa Milano shared a video, which Donald Trump has made a new statement, via her verified Twitter account.

After watching that video, Alyssa Milano didn’t understand what Donald Trump said, and she wanted to learn what is going on in this clip from the other people.

Here’s what wrote Alyssa Milano:

“Please tell me what is going on in this clip. Actually, maybe just watch it and reply by GIF only.”

LA Guns frontman, Tracii Guns reposted the tweet of Alyssa Milano and he made a short statement about the clip of Donald Trump. Tracii Guns talked very hard and harsh.

Here’s what Tracii Guns wrote about Donald Trump:

“I’m not trying to be funny. This guy is Bat Sh*t Crazy !!!”

You can see the video and tweets right below.