Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan made a new interview with Spotify Newsroom and revealed his feelings after releasing his latest solo album: Tenderness.

McKagan also revealed if a new Guns N’ Roses album is on the way or not.

Here is his statement:

“We know how to create music together and play music together. There’s this thing about the chemistry of the three of us that I just can’t explain. I can’t comment much further than that.

I like to keep things about this band on the down-low, and in true Guns fashion, you’ll know when you know.”

Spotify Newsroom asked which elements Guns N’ Rosses passed on to the generation behind them.

Duff also shared a strong fact about Axl Rose’s political aware, and said:

“Well, look at “Welcome to the Jungle” or the lyrics of “Paradise City”: “Captain America’s got a broken heart.” That’s political commentary right there. That was our youth. We were just writing how we felt about where we were at. We were living in Hollywood when things were dirty and gnarly, and the humor of those songs was lost on a lot of people.

Axl was always very politically aware. Try to debate Axl Rose on something political, and you’re going to lose!”

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