According to the latest reports indicates that, a long-time Guns N’ Roses fan named Rick Dunsford banned by GN’R members because of the harsh allegations that he leaked lots of unreleased Guns N’ Roses songs on the Internet.

As Tone Deaf reports, Rick Dunsford claimed that he’s not guilty about songs being leaked online.

Here is what he said:

“So today I flew out to Wichita, KS to see my favorite band Guns N’ Roses! Today would be my 33rd time seeing them!

Well I was just pulled from the line and told if I ever come to a Guns N’ Roses show again that I’ll be arrested! I was gonna escorted off the property and told I’m done.”

You can watch the footage of how Rick being banned from the concert:

Rick Dunsford

Gepostet von Corey Ellis am Montag, 7. Oktober 2019

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