On Twitter, Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose posted a new statement about the current admiration of Donald Trump and criticized him about his attitude towards the problems that American families face.

If you are one of the followers of Axl Rose on Twitter, you already know that he rarely uses his Twitter account. Today, he broke his long silence over the political issues by saying that Donald Trump Admiration doesn’t care about what American families are facing these days.

Here’s what he wrote on Twitter:

“It isn’t that this Administration doesn’t grasp the ‘magnitude’ of the problems that American families are facing. It’s that they don’t care. There’s a difference.”

Axl’s statement caused some severe arguments in the comment section of Twitter, and I want to compile some of them. So you can see them below.

A fan named Trevor said:

“You’ve been out west too long. Get out of CA and check out the real world where all true hard-working Americans live. I haven’t been unemployed at all during this but have seen gov giving people more than they ever made before for doing nothing!”

A non-American fan named Gunter said:

“As I’m not American, the only thing I watch in the news is that Trump doesn’t care about anything. He’s only talking about his great work and blames others for the problems America is going through right now.”

Check out Axl’s tweet below.