Guns n’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus spoke in a recent question and answer session at NAMM 2019, and revealed the facts about today’s music industry.

Here’s the statement:

“That’s a good one, because it’s a very different landscape right now to when I was your age. When I was a kid, you put up flyers, you played everywhere you could and you did everything you could to get your name out. You kept pushing further and further. I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri.

So we kept pushing further and further. We’d go to Columbia, we’d go to Chicago, we’d go to Kansas City, and you spread. Every time you go back — hopefully, if you’re doing it right — then there’ll be more people there. I think that’s very relevant now. I think that’s a great way to do it now.

Even though people don’t support live music as much as they used to, grassroots is where it’s gotta build from. And now there aren’t any labels to get in the way. It’s not so imperative that you have a label. When I was a kid, you had to have a record label, and then you made it — except you didn’t…

Bands releasing music independently now is great, because it levels the playing field. It also makes it harder. You’ve just gotta work harder.”

You can watch the entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement.