The legendary guitarist of Guns N Roses, Slash’s girlfriend posted a heartwarming picture of herself and Slash on Instagram showing their self-quarantine days weren’t so bad.

Slash’s long-time girlfriend Meegan Hodges shared an intimate picture of herself and Slash posing lip to lip. As you will see from the photo below, the couple seems like having a good time during these days of self-quarantine.

After divorcing his second wife, Slash got back together with his long-time girlfriend Meegan Hodges, and the couple have been happily together ever since. Additionally, the couple has been showing their love for each other often on social media.

On a recent post on Instagram, Meegan showed how they had been spending their days in self-quarantine and it looked pretty desirable.

Meegan wrote on the caption of her post:

“Quarantine hasn’t been so bad. 😍

You can see Meegan’s post on Instagram below and click here for the source.

Photo Credit: Meegan Hodges – Instagram