On Twitter, Guns N Roses‘ legendary guitarist Slash shared an update on the band’s rescheduled tour dates for the postponed and canceled shows of their 2020 tour.

Following the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, many musicians and bands had to postpone or cancel their upcoming events and tours planned for 2020. Although when the bands would be able to back on the road again hasn’t been certain yet, some of them began to announce the rescheduled dates of their concerts and tours.

As you might recall, Guns N’ Roses kicked off their 2020 Tour on January 31st in Miami. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, only 2 out of 44 scheduled shows have been able to take place.

The legendary hard rock band Guns N’ Roses has been keeping their fans posted on the updates regarding their tour. Recently on Twitter, the iconic guitarist of the band Slash shared the rescheduled dates of their 2020 European Tour. Following the last week’s announcement about the rescheduled dates of their North American tour, Guns N’ Roses postponed their European shows also to June 2021.

Slash shared the official statement of Guns N’ Roses about the rescheduled concert dates regarding their shows around Europe. They also mentioned due to ‘routing and venue availability issues,’ some of the shows had to be canceled.

Here’s the official announcement Slash posted on Twitter:

“Hey Gunners, picking up where we left off last week, most of our 2020 European Tour dates are being rescheduled to June of 2021. The dates kick off in Lisbon, Portugal on June 2nd, 2021.

Unfortunately, due to routing and venue availability issues that developed during the postponement process a select few shows were not able to be rescheduled and have been canceled. We are forever grateful for your understanding and continued support during these unprecedented times. We are looking forward to getting back on stage.”

You can see the tweet Slash posted on his official Twitter account below.