Guns N’ Roses legend Slash was recently interviewed by and talked about his early years in England and how did it help him to be the musician he’s today.

Slash said that his father and his friends’ being rock n’ roll junkies and England was where it started for him.

Here is his statement:

“I didn’t know it at the time, but that was where it all started for me. My dad and his brothers were huge rock ’n’ roll junkies – the kind of kids that pulled a record out and felt the texture of the sleeve, put it on the turntable and analyzed every song – serious stuff!

I was raised in that… and it was like The Kinks, Gene Vincent, the Stones, some Beatles, The Who was the big one, and The Yardbirds and The Moody Blues.

That was a very big part of my earliest memories, and then going in to London on the train and hanging out in the whole 60s beatnik scene that my dad was part of, crashing at their flats, doing all that!”

Slash also revealed the first memory he had with Les Pauls:

“I don’t remember when I actually first laid eyes on a Les Paul I just remember almost subconsciously thinking, ‘That’s a cool-looking guitar’. Because when I started, I didn’t know anything! With all that musical upbringing, and all those gigs I went to with my parents, I didn’t really know anything about how a guitar worked!

And so when I actually started playing guitar I’d have to go, ‘Okay, well I like this song, or this solo, and there’s a picture of the guy in the band, and he’s playing that guitar…’ and I remember seeing the Les Paul often enough to notice it was cool. I don’t think I was ever attracted to the Strat… and the Flying V was a little bit too flashy for me.”

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