On Instagram, Meegan Hodges has posted a photo of the gift that she got from her boyfriend, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash.

In the post, Slash was showing his love for Meegan with a really cute gift. He sent a note inside the roses which writes about how much Slash loves Meegan.

Also, Meegan stated that he is one of the most romantic boyfriends in the world. Here is what she captioned:

“The most romantic man on this earth! I love you baby. @slash”

The note that wrote by Slash:

“Hi Darling,

Just a note to say, I love you.

Love, Slash.”

Duff McKagan’s wife Susan Holmes added this comment:

“❤️❤️❤️Love this & love you!”

In addition, a fan named Ischa was so impressed by Slash for using his stage name in real life and he wanted to ask a really clever question about it.

Meegan Hodges responded Ischa and revealed that Slash actually hates to using his real name.

Here is what Ischa Voort wrote:

“Does slash refer to himself as slash? That’s fucking badass”

Meegan Hodges replied:

“@ischavandevoort that’s his name. He cringes at the name Saul”

Ischa Voort said:

“@meeganhodges slash sounds way cooler so I agree wholeheartedly”

You can check the post below.