Guns N’ Roses bass guitarist Duff McKagan’s daughter and talented singer/model who has been a singer for The Pink Slips, Grace McKagan, announced on Instagram that she released her debut single and excited the fans.

As you might remember, Grace McKagan has been promoting her single for a long time and started to give the hints in late November. At the beginning of December, she announced the release date of her much-anticipated single and teased a part of the music video.

Yesterday, Grace released her new song, ‘Surrender,’ and revealed her feelings about this project on her official Instagram account. She stated that this song means the world to her and explained the reason why.

Grace mentioned that she actually wrote this song when she stopped believing herself and wanted to see herself in a positive way. Apparently, this song was a real motivation source for McKagan who referred to her new song as her ‘triumphant lullaby.

‘Surrender’ has been viewed around 5K times on Youtube in less than fourteen hours and the number is still rising. Also, most of her followers congratulated the young musician and expressed their thoughts on her music in the comment section.

Here is what Grace McKagan stated in the caption of her post:

“‘Surrender’ is out now everywhere !! The interview is up on L’officiel… This means the absolute world to me

I wrote this song at a time where I stopped believing in myself and wanted to see myself in a positive way again. I like to think of it as my triumphant lullaby… Give it a listen & watch.”

You can check out the post and listen to the song below.