Grace McKagan, the beautiful daughter of Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, has celebrated Halloween by dressing as one of the most sensational models of all time, Pamela Anderson, while her boyfriend showed up as former husband of Anderson, Tommy Lee.

As you might know, the gorgeous model and singer, Grace McKagan, has been spreading the spooky joy of Halloween since the beginning of October. She has signaled that it’ll be a long Halloween season for her by posting a picture of herself, using fake blood on stage this time last year.

Soon after, McKagan has come up on Instagram looking like the iconic Italian actress, Sophia Loren. Just as all of her followers have adored her Loren-vibed look, Grace has displayed her brand new outfit along with her long-time boyfriend and bandmate, Blues Williams, for Halloween.

The frontwoman of the synth-punk band The Pink Slips, Grace McKagan has displayed her amazing Pamela Anderson look. She was accompanied by her boyfriend Williams, who dressed as the legendary drummer of Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee. The couple has depicted the troubled lovers of the 90s.

As you may remember, before meeting actress and Playboy Playmate Pamela Anderson, Lee was engaged to model Bobbie Brown. On February 19, 1995, just four days after meeting her, Lee married Anderson.

They have two sons together, Brandon Thomas, and Dylan Jagger. The couple divorced in 1998. Although divorced, the couple reunited briefly upon Lee’s release from jail but eventually split again in 2001.

Here’s what Grace said in her latest Instagram post:

Tommy ❤️ Pam ❤️ KR x”

You can see the post below.

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Tommy ❤️ Pam ❤️ KR x

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