A famous fashion designer and also the astonishing supermodel of No Agency New York, Mae Marie McKagan, has posted yet another breathtaking video and showed her flawless beauty once again.

As before, Guns N’ Roses legend Duff McKagan’s daughter exactly looks like her lovely mother Susan Holmes McKagan‘s appearance in the ’90s. Susan was also a famous supermodel and fashion designer, just like her younger daughter.

However, just because of the nature of the Instagram Stories, any of the family members would be able to comment or like the latest video of Mae McKagan. By the way, Mae just chooses to put simple emojis with the video.

Last month, Mae McKagan has mesmerized her followers once again by showing a new photo of herself to her followers. As you will check out the post by clicking here that most of the fans praised the beauty of Mae in the comment section.

While she was so admiring on that photo that even Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni Cornell liked the post. Here is what she recently wrote on one of her latest Instagram photos:

“Blondes have more fun but brunettes get it done 👧🏽”

You can watch the latest Instagram Stories video of Mae below.