Guns N’ Roses’ iconic star Duff McKagan’s lovely wife and one of the most famous models of the whole world, Susan Holmes McKagan, has shared a new photo on her verified Instagram page today and announced that she has managed to graduate from the Harvard University.

As you may read the caption of the post she has shared, she has managed to graduate from ‘Feature Writing’ with a perfectly earned 4.00 credits. She also did not forget to thank her professor who was the most inspiring figure of her life for a while.

While almost 10K people like the post that she did not forget to tag Harvard’s official Instagram account, one of the users who pushed the like button on the post was Guns N’ Roses member and friend of Duff, Melissa Reese.

Here is what Susan Holmes McKagan wrote:

“How do u COVID? I worked tirelessly for this 4.0 Harvard grade level class. Immensely grateful+blessed to have the opportunity. 🙏🏼I learned an extraordinary amount, not only about writing but also about myself.✍🏼

My Professor was tremendously inspiring, always encouraging me to be confident and believe in the hard work that goes into this process.

And on that note, happy World Teachers Day to her, and all of the incredible teachers, who dedicate their lives to helping others. You make the world a better place.”

Duff McKagan went to the comment section and wrote this:

“Of COURSE you aced it, babe! No one works harder than you!”

You can see the photo below.