During a recent interview with ‘Classic Rock Magazine,’ Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan talked about the most curious thing about one of the ex-members of the band, the absence of rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin on their reunion tour.

As you may all know, one of the most curious things about Izzy Stradlin is Izzy’s decline to rejoin the band for the tour, although they’ve played on each other’s records over the years.

Duff McKagan has shared that Izzy never wanted to be joined again to the band for the tour.

Here’s what Duff McKagan said:

“He and I have done a lot together in all the years in between. But this tour, I just don’t think he ever wanted to do it. We tried to make it work, but it just didn’t.

And in a situation like this you’re really in it, man. You either get on it or you don’t, because the train’s moving forward.

The good thing is, Slash really likes playing with Richard Fortus [GN’R guitarist since 2002], and Slash is somewhat picky about that kind of stuff. They get on great as far as a two-guitar player relationship goes.

To be honest, I haven’t taken a lot of time to go back on the Izzy thing because we just move forward, and things are so good. And as I’ve found out many times in my life, things are supposed to happen as they happen.”

McKagan also said:

“The size of the crowds that came, everywhere we went, was really something. And the way we did it, having each other’s backs after all these things we’ve been through in the past, for me that was the coolest thing.”

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