The successful musician of Guns N’ Roses, Slash wrote a new tweet on his verified Twitter account and thanked their fans in Toronto after the recent Guns N’ Roses concert.

Here is what Slash wrote:

“Thank you Toronto! Tonight was the kind of magic night that keeps you working at this, come hell or high water, every day of your life.

It’s the kind of high that you have to experience again & again. Thanks for making it happen tonight! Cheers! iiii]; )'”

tako217 responded and wrote that:

“One of the most favorite GNR shows was Toronto, and you never disappoint me in Toronto. What a great show!!! Congratulations!!! #Slash270″

Jason Leo Carvalho commented and posted a video:

“I’ve seen @IronMaiden front row, @Metallica front row but THIS evening was something special!

A 10+ minute solo + the energy & love from @Slash @MylesKennedy @todddammitkerns @brentfitz @franksidoris + the crowd. What an epic night of legendary rock n roll! Thks @Slash 🤘🤘🤘”

You can see the tweets below.