The iconic musician of Guns N’ Roses and also known as being a close friend with Eddie Van Halen, Slash, was recently interviewed by WGN News and shared lots of things from the details of his admiration to Eddie, to their relationship before his pass-away.

As the whole music industry cries over the unfortunate death of Eddie Van Halen, lots of his friends and other stars sharing their condolences making special interviews about the late Van Halen legend.

This week, Guns N’ Roses legend Slash paid his respect to Eddie by sharing an unknown detail about their relationship. According to Slash, he and Eddie were texting before his death but Slash could not ask how bad his health condition was. While Slash was hearing stuff from the entourage of the family, he still floored as soon as he heard the news.

Here is what he said about their relationship:

“I’m just a little shocked. It’s hard for me to verbally say anything, other than I’m just devastated. Eddie was really cool. And I’ve been talking to him — we’ve been texting. And I knew he was sick, but I didn’t wanna ask him how sick he was.

But he was in a hospital in L.A. for a while. And I knew fuck was up, but I didn’t expect that today at all. So I’m floored.”

He continued:

“Eddie changed guitar playing. I picked up the guitar, I guess it was 1979, 1980. The first Van Halen record came out, and Steven Adler, who was Guns N Roses’ original drummer, when we were kids, we used to just hang out and ditch school and go to the pizza place and whatnot.

And we used to listen to that first Van Halen record, and it was just insane. It was, like, ‘What the fuck?!'”

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