Former drummer and co-songwriter of the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses, Steven Adler has mourned after losing his beloved family member, Midnight, a 20-years-old female chihuahua, as calling out to her to say that her dad loves her forever.

The iconic drummer has proven that he’s a huge animal lover by filling up his Instagram feed with some lovely photos of his dogs. Adler has been displaying his endless love to his little family members that have been with him for the duration.

As you may remember, back in April this year, Steven Adler has taken the platform to bid a farewell to one of his dear friends and New York-based fashion icon, Jimmy Webb, whom Adler calls ‘NY Jimmy.’ The musician was deeply shaken by the loss, yet, stated that he’s glad the last thing he said to him was, ‘I love you,’ as he shared a photo of Webb with his dog.

Unfortunately, a few months after the death of NY Jimmy, Steven Adler has experienced the pain of losing a beloved one once again. Most recently, Adler has come up with a heartwarming photo of his dog, Midnight, on Instagram and said that she died after giving so much love and happiness to the family in the last 20 years.

While calling Midnight his ‘little fox,’ Adler explained that she was so stubborn and didn’t want to leave and miss on anything. The drummer, who is left with the best memories and this immense love that would never end, said that he loves his little daughter till the end of time.

Here’s what Steven Adler said in his recent Instagram post:

“Midnight gave us so much love and happiness the last 20 years. My little fox was stubborn didn’t wanna leave and miss on anything.

I’m left with the best memories and this immense love that would never end. Your dad loves you forever. RIP my little girl. ❤️🦊”

You can see the post below.