The legendary bassist of Guns N Roses, Duff McKagan’s lovely daughter, Grace McKagan posted a bunch of new Instagram stories and revealed the great moment she had with Gaia Gray.

She wrote this on the photo:

“Me n G. @gaiagray”

You can see that rare photo below.

Last month, Duff McKagan had a recent interview with the Rolling Stone Music Now and revealed what was the reason behind Izzy Stradlin’s negative decision about not joining the reunion lineup.

Here is the conversation (Transcribed by Alternative Nation)


“I have to say one thing, listening to this record, you know who would really like this record – Izzy,  Unfortunately, he was not part of this reunion, it didn’t work out, what is your take on all of that? It is undeniably unfortunate.”

Duff McKagan:

“Yeah and it wasn’t from us not trying. I don’t know if I have a take beyond what we tried and do and how hard we worked at that. Touring and a big rock band is not for everybody, that is my take on that.”

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You can watch some of the recent clips of Grace: