Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan shared a very bad news on his official Twitter account. McKagan called out to his fans, and asked for fans to send positive energy and strenght.

Unfortunately Vendetta Red drummer Burke Thomas had a real bad accident and thrown from his car on Friday.

Here is what McKagan wrote about it:

“Ok. So Loaded Nation… Please send positivity and strength to our Burke Thomas. He was thrown from his car on Friday night after sliding on ice.

He is one of the strongest men that I know….but he got hurt bad. . He’s gonna pull a full ROCKY in his recovery, that I do know!”

Here are some fan mentions who support McKagan and Burke:

“Sending strength & good healing vibes your way, Burke!!!  One day at a time… One week at a time. One month at a time. You will be amazed with your body’s ability to heal!”

“Much love to Burke. He’s a great guy. I’m pulling hard for him.”

“He will Duff, exactly year ago I was in coma in intensive care of a hospital for two hours, and when i woke up doctores were shouting about what to do with me because they didnt want me to die there… and I am stronger than ever!”