Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus has revealed his favorite guitar company during the recent interview with Forbes. He said that the iconic brand Gretsch is the best.

Currently, most of the world knows about iconic companies like Fender, Gibson, and Jackson. But in reality, Gretsch is one of the best companies in the world and Richard Fortus proved it with being a partner with Gretsch.

Forbes asked:

“What were you looking for in a company to partner with on guitar?”

Richard Fortus responded:

“I’m aligned with a few different companies. Gretsch is probably the main company that I’ve worked with. And that’s an iconic brand. Next to Gibson and Fender, it’s one of the mainstays of rock ‘n’ roll electric guitars.

And I do have a signature model coming out with them as well. So many people who approach me now and say, ‘Hey, can we build you a guitar?’ Some guitarists really are content with one guitar and that’s their sound. And that’s what they do, it’s very specialized and specific.”

Richard Fortus continued:

“For me, I’ve always enjoyed painting with a broader palette. They [Paoletti] had approached me and said, ‘Hey, can we build you a guitar? We’d just like you to have and try one of our guitars.’ ‘Sure, no problem.’ Paoletti said, ‘This is the type of stuff that we’re doing. What would you want?

So I was very specific and said, ‘This is what I think would be cool.’ At first, I was a little skeptical because what makes them unique and sort of their angle was this 150-year-old chestnut wood, made from wine barrels. Which I thought sounded a little gimmicky to me.”

Richard Fortus added:

“But I’ve never owned a chestnut guitar and I thought, ‘Okay, whatever, go ahead and make me this. If it sounds the way you say it’s gonna sound this is what I would want to hear from it. I think it would be great with a Tele bridge pickup, but I want the pickup angle reversed. So I want it to be sort of a left-handed Tele bridge. And then let’s do a P-90 pickup in the neck.'”

“‘The characteristic of chestnut, from what I could tell from looking at their website, I thought, ‘Okay, this is going to be along the lines of an ash or alder type of wood as far as resonance goes.'”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.