Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum has shared his thoughts about famous producer Neil Portnow on Twitter.

He said that ‘Neil Portnow doesn’t show any respect to someone that doesn’t serve his narcissistic ego’, and continued:

“The Ivory tower still exists filled with old men clueless on what real musicians female and male are.

Neil Portnow called me an insecure percussionist when I spoke to the board of music cares about protecting the mental health of all musicians not just the ones that are important to the bottom line. Money, Greed, Power is the anti of why we become artists.

Talent and creativity is built on passion and a Gift. What Drake said was right. You’ve already won if people connect with what you create. The accolades are not accurate to our world as a whole.”

A fan named Nix Dadry responded:

“This is exactly the problem with the music “business” now. It’s run by executives, lawyers & accountants who have zero taste & knowledge of what’s out there….To them it’s just another avenue to exploit….”

Another fan said:

“I agree with you Nix,too much good music not being played. Oh Matt,there are a lot of us “Old Guys”who love and listen to all types of music”

According to Wikipedia, Neil R. Portnow is the president of The Recording Academy. Portnow was formerly the vice-president of the West Coast division of Jive Records.

You can see the tweets below.