Guns N’ Roses’ legendary guitarist Slash recently shared a photo on his Instagram account, paying tribute to a legendary actor, Jack Nicholson, who played Joker.

Especially with the news about Robert Pattinson becoming the new Batman, the fans of the superhero started to debate on which actor plays Batman or Joker better all over again.

Slash shared a photo of the legendary actor Jack Nicholson and his transformation to Joker with the caption:

“iiii]; )'”

Among all the Joker portrayals, Jack Nicholson‘s performance in Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ and Heath Ledger‘s performance in Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Night’ were the most iconic ones. Last year, Joaquin Phoenix also managed to join them with his performance in ‘Joker’.

Slash seems to be taking the side of Jack Nicholson on this one. His fans left many comments on his post.

Tim praised the actor:

“Jack nicholson, a legend”

Brent Stout stated:

“Born to play the part”

Chris Bobo has taken Nicholson’s side:

“Best Joker!!!”

You can see his Instagram post below.

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iiii]; )'

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