Mae McKagan who is one of the most famous social media personalities in the Rock community, and also the daughter of Guns N’ Roses star, Duff McKagan, Mae McKagan shared a bunch of new and sexy photos on her official Instagram page today.

She revealed her sexy and great looking legs on these great photos and claimed that she’s working so hard these days.

Here is the caption:

“She works hard for the money.

@brentmckeever @baileyprada”

You can see her photos below.

2 weeks earlier, Duff McKagan has retweeted of the lead guitarist and vocalist of D.O.A, Joe Keithley on his verified Twitter account.

Joe Keithley has talked about the Canadian punk rock group named D.O.A‘s most popular album called Hardcore 81. The album selected as Canada’s top albums of all time a few days ago by Polaris Heritage Award.

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