In a recent conversation with Appetite for Distortion, former manager of Guns N’ Roses, Doug Goldstein, talked about the fact that the band’s frontman Axl Rose was seen as a villain and revealed that he actually didn’t care about other’s opinions at all.

As you may remember, the iconic lead singer of Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose, has been known for his anger management issues for many years. He has been on the headlines of the stories about verbal and physical arguments many times. However, most of his fans still believe Axl Rose is not the villain as the media presents.

Recently, the former Guns N’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein joined an interview with Appetite for Distortion. During the conversation, Doug talked about the myth suggesting Axl Rose was a bad guy and revealed his personal opinions on the issue. Apparently, the last time he and Axl had a chat, he wanted Doug not to say nice things about him since he didn’t care about the opinions of other people regarding his personal traits.

Here’s what Doug Goldstein stated about the real personality of Axl Rose:

“The last time I talked to him it was because I’ve done a podcast with you, and he said, ‘Stop saying nice things about me.’ He doesn’t like it when people say nice things about him in the press.

His argument is, ‘Did anybody ask Picasso what his art meant? I’m an artist, I’m not interested in public opinion. I don’t really care, and I don’t want anybody trying to change public opinion, I really don’t give a shit what anybody thinks.’ Fair enough.”

Additionally, the interviewer reminded that Axl was lashing out on the media back in the days, even though now he acted like he wasn’t bothered by the articles about him.

Here’s how Doug Goldstein explained Axl Rose’s point of view on the issue:

When it’s unjust… But again, he’s lashing out at people that don’t know him or in a very high public opinion, and so, again, people of very high public opinion, making defamatory comments, that is a little different than fans.”

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