Guns N’ Roses manager Fernando Lebeis has shared a statement on Twitter and confirmed that Axl Rose’s health is getting better.

According to statement, GN’R will continue the ongoing final leg of the “Not in This Lifetime” tour. Here:

“Landed in Johannesburg, what a crazy 12hrs. It’s strange to think a two-hour set is considered a ‘short’ set. Love the people we have sharing the stage [with], coming up to help and protect one of their own.

Just spoke with Axl Rose and we are all looking forward to our show here in Johannesburg [on November 29]! It was a nice flight over, where band and crew arrived safely. Thanks for the messages of love! Guns N’ Roses stronger than ever.

According to recent report of Alternative-nation:

“Rose’s health definitely was getting the best of his voice, as he did not sound good,” adding that fans online have pointed out that “something went bad during ‘November Rain.'”

Yesterday, Axl Rose spoke about his current situation and said:

“Wanna thank All the fans, the band n’ everyone for their concern n’ well wishes!🙏🏼 In Johannesburg w/plenty of time to be ready for the show!👍🏼This flu or whatever is a wild ride! Comes in waves. Ur ok till ur not!”

Felt lame explainin’ myself earlier on at the gig but really didn’t know how things would play out n’ we really wanted to do your best for the fans. Was a GREAT crowd, awesome venue, cool stage (w/a gentle breeze in the desert!😎)

Thanks again n’ hope anyone’s not to disappointed n’ we look forward to see everyone again in the UAE!”

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