Former Guns N’ Roses Manager Vicky Hamilton had a recent conversation with The Variety, and revealed his real thoughts about Mötley Crüe biopic, “The Dirt.”

Hamilton shared his opinion about the sex scenes and the #MeToo stories about The Dirt.

Here is what Hamilton said:

“Obviously, using women like sex toys is very concerning to me. But what really scares me about this movie is that with the #MAGA guys out there right now, this sort of behavior could become popular again. I don’t want to see women get treated like that and take a step back.

It was more of a problem when I was younger and hotter, but verbal harassment never went away. I have been an independent contractor for the past 15 years and if I feel it’s going to be abusive relationship, I won’t take on the job.”

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Last week, Mötley Crüe founder and bassist Nikki Sixx had a recent interview with Trunk Nation, and revealed the untold story of how did he get his name.

Here is his statement:

“I was in a band called London and I changed my name to Nikki – I was Nikki London from London, ’cause all my favorite bands were from London, and I wasn’t a big thinker.

But I figured I don’t want to be Nikki London of London, I don’t know why that kept coming to my head, so I was going to change my name to Nikki Nine.

But there was this girl, we were sharing a bed together, and she had a boyfriend named Nikki Six, so I said, ‘Not only am I gonna steal his girlfriend, I’m gonna steal his name.’ It was a joke that turned out pretty cool. Isn’t that weird?”

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