Melissa Reese, the youngest and newest member of Guns N’ Roses, recently posted a photo on her Instagram account exclaiming ‘STOP ASIAN HATE’ and expressed her feelings of sadness, disillusionment, and fear, especially considering the wellbeing of her family members while asking her fans to speak up and raise awareness.

As you probably know, since the COVID-19 outbreak, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) citizens have been experiencing increasing discrimination. In fact, 3,800 hate incidents have been reported in the United States during the past year, and the numbers are currently on the rise as AAPI citizens are encouraged to report all hate incidents so as to demonstrate how big the problem is.

Things have been especially hard for AAPI citizens in Atlanta as there have been numerous cases of discrimination and hate crimes occurring during the past year. For instance, numerous buildings across Atlanta hung up bronze-colored plaques which read ‘Wuhan plague,’ an Asian American couple returning from the movies found an offensive slur sprayed on their car, an Asian-American student was verbally harassed for ‘giving people’ COVID-19, and many more.

These hate crimes escalated to the point of the mass shooting that took place in Atlanta on Tuesday. A white man fatally shot eight people, six of them being Asian women, at three Asianowned spas. Local law enforcement didn’t declare the shooting a hate crime which prompted public criticism. ‘Stop AAPI Hate’ was launched as a response to the increasing xenophobia and bigotry against the Asian American Pacific Islander community and Melissa Reese was one of the rockstars who wanted to raise awareness on this issue.

In her recent post, Melissa Reese said that she’s ‘so appalled by what has been happening in this country‘ and that for the past few days, she’s been struggling to find the words to express her sadness and frustration. She said that she has started feeling genuinely scared about her mother, as her sister and herself are bi-racial. Reese said that she has been donating to the victims’ families but that it is now the time to publicly demonstrate her stance towards this matter.

Reese said that it’s important to use social media as a means of spreading the word and raising awareness. She encouraged her fans to speak up so that they can show that this is not okay and that they’re willing ‘to take audacious action on behalf of the safety of your AAPI sisters/brothers’ if need be.

Here’s what Melissa Reese said in the caption of her recent Instagram post:

“I’m so appalled by what has been happening in this country. I am also scared – especially for my mom. My sisters and I are bi-racial and are proud to identify as Asian American women – the group that has seen an alarmingly disproportionate rise in violence against it within the last year. The past few days I’ve been at a loss for words and felt pretty paralyzed by all of this. I have donated to some of the victims’ families, but I’m finally saying something on socials because my desire to raise awareness, and understanding its importance in stopping these heinous attacks against the AAPI community and against women, has overpowered all my fear/freezing – compelling me to act.

Friends, please – raise awareness about this with me, speak out and commit to protecting and/or standing in solidarity with the AAPI community. Donate, reach out to your AAPI friends, and check-in (especially if they are older). Please just do something that lets the world know this isn’t ok with you either and you are willing to take audacious action on behalf of the safety of your AAPI sisters/brothers because you too understand this shxt needs to fxcking stop. 🙏💔”

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