Guns N’ Roses’ secondary keyboardist Melissa Reese has shared a new photo of herself on the official Instagram account and unveiled the fabulous gift she got for her 35th birthday.

As you can see in the picture below, she got a bouquet of blue roses for her birthday from Fernando Lebeis, who is the manager of the band. And Melissa showed how happy about this present.

Melissa’s post got over 6.000 likes less than eleven hours and the fans shared their reaction in the comment section of the post. Additionally, most of the celebrities like Jason Mamoa, Susan McKagan, and her bandmate, Richard Fortus, celebrated her birthday.

Here is what Melissa Reese wrote:

“The award for my first birthday present on my actual bday!!! (A few hours early but it was close enough 😂) goes to…… FeefeePantzzzz👖 Fernando Lebeis!

Unbelievably beautiful blue roses! Thank you Feef – This was so so sweet and kind and heartwarming and all the good things 💙💙💙 Blue x Black – perfect 🥰🥰🥰🙃🙃🙃😆😆😆”

Jason Mamoa added this comment:

“Happy birthday love, miss you.”

Susan McKagan said:

“Happy birthday Melissa 💘”

Richard Fortus penned:

“Feefeepants! 🚀🎈”

A fan named Simon Cattani wrote:

“Happy birthday Melissa!! Hope you have a great day👏👏🤟🤟😘😘”

You can check her post below.