Melissa Reese, the youngest and newest member of Guns N’ Roses, recently posted a photo on her Instagram account after a month of social media break and said that she can no longer restrain herself from sharing her feelings.

As you might remember, Melissa Reese had made it to the headlines over a month ago with her post considering the 59th quadrennial presidential election of the United States. However, Melissa Reese took a step back after revealing her happiness about the outcome of the elections.

The last photo that Melissa posted on her Instagram was almost a month ago and it was a photo from a Guns N’ Roses concert. The fact that she did not post anything for a month worried her fans who wanted to get updates on her daily life.

Melissa recently posted a photo on her Instagram account and shared her feelings about a certain product. As it turns out, she has been spending her days in quarantine sipping her favorite drink, Topo Chico. For those of you who don’t know, Topo Chico is a sparkling mineral water brand established in 1985 and the water is sourced and bottled in Mexico.

Melissa posted a photo of herself holding a 20-bottle box of Topo Chico and said that she could not keep herself from sharing her feelings about her favorite drink. Her photo received hundreds of comments and most of her followers agreed that it is one of the best drinks ever.

Here’s what Melissa Reese wrote in the caption of her recent Instagram post:

“I can no longer restrain myself! I must share my feelings with you beautiful people about this! Topo Chico is my favorite thing to drink. I think my body is 50% made of it at this point. Quarantine has only made our relationship stronger and I suspect it will continue to happen through this Christmas holiday🎄(and all holidays!) What’s your favorite thing to drink?”

You can check out the photo that Melissa Reese posted on her Instagram account below.