Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd spoke in a recent podcast with ‘Appetite for Distortion,’ and he talked about his short-lived collaboration with Guns N ‘Roses guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan.

Josh Todd described how this supergroup came together for performing a club in Los Angeles.

Here’s what Josh Todd told to Appetite for Distortion:

“At the time, we were done with the ‘Time Bomb’ tour, and three of the band members had quit, so it was just Keith [Nelson, original Buckcherry guitarist] and I in our rehearsal room writing songs.

Along that time, Slash called up Keith and said, ‘Hey, [do] you want to do this Randy Castillo benefit at the Key Club? We’ll do a couple of Buckcherry songs, a couple of GN’R songs, maybe an Aerosmith song.’ We’re like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’

It was me, Keith, Matt [Sorum], Duff and Slash. That’s how it all started. We did this show at the Key Club, and everybody was talking about it in L.A. after we did it. There was this buzz going on.”

After their performance in 2002, Josh Todd mentioned how it feels to be on the same stage with Slash and Duff McKagan.

He continued:

“Keith and I got back to the rehearsal room a few days later and I was talking to him – I was like, ‘Man, that felt so good.’ It felt like Buckcherry, but with really great players. He goes, ‘Yeah, I totally feel the same way.’

It was so nice to be in a band because we had been band-less for probably a month at that point, or maybe longer. Slash was thinking the same thing, so we called him, and we’re, like, ‘Hey, man. Do you guys want to maybe write some songs and put together a band?’

He was into it, so we became a band for, like, a month. We were in the rehearsal room writing songs, and we even got the point where we were taking management meetings to find a manager to manage it, and we were trying to come up with band names and all of it.”

You can listen to the full podcast below.

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