Metalhead actor Jason Momoa’s Aquaman will be released in USA cinemas on December 21, 2018.

Guns N ‘Roses members bassist Duff McKagan, keyboardist Melissa Reese and drummer Frank Ferrer watched the Aquaman movie with Jason Momoa and shared specials photos.

Duff McKagan has shared a photo with this caption:

Congratulations Jason Momoa on Aquaman movie!! Go see this …EPIC movie!!! Radical to watch this film with the actual Aquaman sitting in the seat in front of us! thanks again Jason, Lisa @tadao310 , and the kiki’s..for having us!

Keyboardist Melissa wrote:

 Thank you so much for the invite to ur screening J – such an awesome time watching you do ur thing in Aquaman and hanging!!! Stoked I got to vibe the movie with some of my band fam post tour too :))). So happy and excited for you!!! You killed it!!!

A week ago, Jason Momoa spoke in an interview with Metal Hammer and said that ‘he inpsired by Metallica and Tool when he build Aquaman’.

“Aquaman’s pretty metal. I know no-one thinks that, but Aquaman’s metal. I kind of build my characters off of metal songs.

Conan (The Barbarian) was really heavy Pantera, I’d say Aquaman was probably mostly built out of Tool and (Metallica album) Kill ‘Em All. Ticks And Leeches, if I want to get specific. There’s a lot of Sabbath in there too.”

You can reach the special photos from below.