Axl Rose, the lead vocalist of hard rock band Guns N’ Roses, has taken Twitter, which is a rare thing he does, to celebrate the birthday of Mick Jagger.

Rose has been known for his silence on social media platforms for some time now. He only posts when he gets angry about the polity of Trump and to remind his followers about the coronavirus risk and the significance of ways of prevention.

Apart from these, Axl Rose uses Twitter to wish a happy birthday to the names he respects heavily at intervals. After the last time he was active on Twitter to express his birthday wishes to his bandmate Slash, Rose has recently tweeted again.

He wished a happy birthday to one of his biggest idols, Mick Jagger, and revealed to his followers that he pays the utmost respect to him.

Here is what Rose said on his latest tweet:

Happy Birthday Mick Jagger.”

You can see Rose’s tweet below.