Guns N’ Roses Central has released the latest GN’R podcast and revealed an interesting fact about GN’R icon Axl Rose.

According to the GN’R Central, they participated in Richard Fortus guitar showcase event and Fortus revealed a never-before-told secret about Axl Rose.

Here is the story:

I attended another Richard Fortus guitar showcase event yesterday in Chicago – last time was when I got you the video clip of him saying “You’re watching GnR Central”. This time was at Make’N Music to showcase his new Paoletti guitar.
He came into the shop and basically sat in a living room setting with about 20 people and just chatted about his life with Guns N’ Roses, his new guitar, and answered a number of questions. The following is some of what he said about GnR:
“I asked him if the new GnR album would sound more like a classic GnR album, something closer to a Chinese Democracy sound, or if it’s even evolved into a more modern sound than that. Fortus said the sound will be even different and more evolved than Chinese Democracy.”

Fortus mentioned that with the band’s in-ear monitors, Axl has a channel that the audience hears and a channel where he can communicate to the band. Sometimes while band members are performing solos, Axl will be telling jokes to them.

You can watch the latest episode below:

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