Guns N’ Roses iconic guitarist Slash was recently interviewed by Marshall Podcast and revealed the differences between Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster.

Slash honestly admitted that he never particularly attracted to Strat players while naming Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page and The Rolling Stones icon Keith Richards.

Here is what Slash told, transcribed by Alternative Nation.

“I think the thing about the Les Paul was: I always thought it was cool looking, and I saw different people with them.

Jimmy Page was one of them, Keith Richards was another one, Jeff Beck was another one, Billy Gibbons. Then you got Mick Ronson, you had a lot of different types of guitar players playing these particular guitars. I liked the way those players sounded.

I mean, I like Strats, but I was never particularly attracted to Strat players; but Les Pauls, for sure. I think that the thing that really turned me on to the Les Paul was Zeppelin’s second record, and that was when I was a little kid, way before I ever thought about playing guitar.

That was the sound I identified with and that album, ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and everything. So, fast-forward all these years later, I found out that Jimmy Page was using a Les Paul.”

Guns N’ Roses legend Slash continued:

“I had no aspirations playing the guitar, I didn’t really ever think about playing an instrument until it was in my lap, and that was when Steven Adler turned me on to it. Prior to that, I was just a huge music fan.   with my parents, but it never occurred to me to become a musician.

As much as it turned me on to watch them set up the gear and to be in the studio, any of that kind of stuff – it was always exciting to me – but it just never dawned on me to pick it up.”

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