Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash talked with “Stuff” magazine from New Zealand and mentioned about his biggest influences as a guitarist.

First of all, he talked about ‘best guitar players’ lists and said:

“I get real uncomfortable when people put me in any sort of ranked line-up, because that’s not what it’s about. The most important thing is that a guitar solo has a sense of melodic purpose and conveys some strong emotion.

Usually it’s either fight or f…, you know? It’s aggressive or it’s sexy, but the sound of it has gotta make you want to do something. A good solo doesn’t have to be fast; it just needs to take you somewhere, and just like the vocal, it should have a distinct voice and its own individual personality.”

He continued about his major influences as a guitarist:

“There have always been amazingly fluent and technically gifted guitar players, from Chet Atkins to old blues guys like Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters. I grew up listening to that stuff, and the rock players that followed after.”

Then, he talked on how Eddie Van Halen shaped him as a guitar player, he said:

“But ever since monster guitarists like Eddie Van Halen came on the scene, there’s been a real focus on new, flashy techniques, and sometimes the music loses its emotional value somewhere along the way. I mean- it’s great to know how to do all that stuff, but for me, the main thing is that the music moves me in some way.”

Back in October 2018, in another interview with Jonesy’s Jukebox, Slash talked about his major influence on guitar and praised Eddie Van Halen. He said:

I’m a huge fan of Eddie as a person and as a player. And I loved [1978’s] ‘Van Halen’ when it first came out. That style that he did, I’ve always thought that was something that he did and nobody else did it like him. And then it became a thing. I definitely didn’t go down that road when I picked up the guitar.”

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