During the recent interview with Times Live, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has shared his feelings about collaborating with other musicians, like Michael Jackson, Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper. 

Here’s the statement:

“Like my guitars, each collaboration has been unique and special to me. I have indeed been fortunate to work with many great artists and my work with Michael Jackson is one that stands out.

Also, my collaborations with Iggy Pop over the years have been exceptional. He is just an enigmatic talent that made a huge impact on me since growing up. Getting to work with him, seeing how he works and experiencing the spontaneous and true rock’n’roll individual that he is, has just been amazing!”

He continued:

“I also loved working with Alice Cooper and Lenny Kravitz and, during my solo record Apocalyptic Love, I got to meet Myles Kennedy. I had such an amazing experience making that record and working with all those great artists was special.”

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You can listen to Slash’s work with Michael Jackson below.