The iconic guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, Slash, has sent a meaningful gift to American model Amber Rose, and the gift is showcased by Amber on her official Instagram account today.

Back on October 23, 2019, the American model Amber Rose named her newborn baby ‘Slash Electric’ for honoring Guns N’ Roses’ guitar legend Slash.

Today, Amber Rose has shared a new Instagram post and showed off the gift that she got from Slash himself. She also wrote a meaningful letter in the caption area of the post.

Here’s what Slash said to Amber and her newborn baby:

“Amber, congratulations on your beautiful new baby boy! I’m honored that you named him Slash. I think that’s awesome! I just hope I can be a positive influence when Slash is old enough to know he shares a name with a guitarist his Mom knows. Love, Slash.”

Amber has reacted to this beautiful gift and letter by sharing it on her Instagram account and saying:

“This is a timeless piece of art for my baby. I Framed a Text from Slash to Slash. 🎸

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You can see the Instagram post of Amber Rose below.