The iconic guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, Slash was the recent interview guest of SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation and he answered the questions of the famous host and TV/Radio personality, Eddie Trunk.

Slash clarified the rumors which claim that Guns N’ Roses is making a special soundtrack for the upcoming Terminator movie.

Slash contradicts those claims and basically said that it’s not gonna happen.

Here is his statement, transcribed by BlabberMouth:

“There’s nothing in the ‘Terminator’ movie. These rumors, they take off and then they get a life of their own. And you can’t reel ’em in.

They just sort of get tossed around in the wind. Anyway, but, yeah, so there’s nothing in there, in that.”

Slash continued:

“We’re just doing this one run in the States and a couple of dates in Mexico end of this month into November. And so that’s it for Guns for now. And I think we have something coming up in March as far as touring is concerned.

Obviously, everybody knows that we’re working on new material, which is really exciting, and so, that’s really primarily what the focus is.”

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