The iconic guitarist of Guns’ N’ Roses, Slash had a new interview with The Marshall Podcast and revealed the next steps he is about to take in his career.

Slash admitted that the last tour he had with his solo band was probably the best overall tour ever.

Slash also stated that he has to work with Guns N’ Roses, as soon as their tour is over with his solo band.

Here is what Slash said:

“I fly everybody to L.A. and we’ll stay there and we’ll do pre-production and go in and do a record. But now that Guns N’ Roses has become a thing, I have to do that. So as soon as this tour is over, I’ll work on Guns N’ Roses.

But I will have accumulated enough material out here that when the time comes to work on Conspirators stuff, I already have the material.”

We write the whole time. I write music ideas, and then I’ll bring it into a soundcheck situation. For me, the most important thing is the drums.

So I’ll start working on an idea with Brent, as well as Todd Kerns, and even Frank, we’ll all stand there together and do it. And then just see if it catches, if it’s a cool idea with all the other instruments involved.

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