The legendary Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash was recently interviewed by Steve Jones’ Jonesy’s Jukebox and revealed his real thoughts on Metallica’s cover album, ‘Garage Inc.’

Slash claimed that Garage Inc. was one of the best cover albums of all time.

Here is what Slash told to Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones:

“Just being able to do an interpretation of a song that you really like is really cool. Some cover records are better than others.

But the ones where the artist really relates to the original material and it becomes part of their personality when they re-record it, I think that’s really cool.

I thought ‘Garage Days’ from Metallica was one of the best cover records of all time. It was great.”

He also shared his opinion about GN’R’s choice of source material:

“Duff picked a couple of tracks. ‘Since I Don’t Have You’, I remember Axl had brought it up, and I’d always loved that song, so I was, like, ‘Yeah, that’d be a great song to do.’ I think ‘Hair Of The Dog’ was one of the ones that he and I both wanted to do. But, yeah, everybody sort of threw ideas in the hat…

It was a hell of a lot of fun. It was very spontaneous and it was recorded in different studios around — well, some stuff was in the States; I think we recorded some stuff in, I wanna say Canada — don’t quote me on that.

But I know that there were different studios, different locations while we were on the road. So we would just pop in. And [‘Since I Don’t Have You’], I remember we just rented out some studio in the middle of the country somewhere — just found it, booked it, went in there and whipped it out. So it was a lot of fun to make.”

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