Iconic Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has shared a hilarious photo on his official Instagram and mocked The Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road photo.

As you might see in the edited photo, Marsellus Wallace, one of the characters of the 1994 Pulp Fiction movie, was placed on The Beatles’ legendary 1969 Abbey Road album cover photo. Another character Butch Coolidge, who played Bruce Willis in the film, also placed on the picture for creating a funny meme.

Slash reposted this photo from an Instagram page named Just Jules and he left an interesting caption as usual. This photo seems like the album art for the Beatles, crossed with Pulp Fiction.

Here’s what Slash captioned:

“iiii]; )'”

A fan named martinfalces commented and said:

“Marcellus Wallace.”

Another fan named g.piovillico wrote:

“Slash and Tarantino 😍”

See the Instagram photo below.

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#repost @girl_frankenstein iiii]; )'

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