Guns N’ Roses’ legendary guitarist, Slash is very well-known with his bizarre social media posts, and he added another part to that bizarre collection of posts.

He wrote a simple message with photo:

“Repost @bearded_horror Is it October yet? 🎃
Photography by @tonysavero
iiii]; )’.”

Also, Slash has made an interview with Metal Hammer a few months ago, and he reveals why he posts weird stuff on his social media accounts.

Here’s what he said:

“I find it on Tumblr, Pinterest or some weird site I might come across. Horror and nudity are my two favorite things.

I do post some music stuff but that’s so predictable, so I post all this shit that I like that has nothing to do with anything that people necessarily know me for.

I’ve been producing horror movies as of late, so it falls into that.”

You can see the photo below.