Iconic Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has shared a new photo on his official Instagram page, and he has reacted to the latest cancer news about Megadeth legend Dave Mustaine.

As you may recall, in June 2019, Dave Mustaine shared that he was struggling with throat cancer via his social media account and had to interrupt jobs because of this important health problem. Recently, Dave shared a surprise post on Megadeth’s Twitter account and announced that he is back.

After hearing that Dave Mustaine beat cancer, Slash jumped to Instagram to share his reaction to this great news, congratulated Dave Mustaine for beating cancer.

Here’s what Slash captioned:

“Congrats to #DaveMustaine declared 100% cancer-free! RnFnR! iiii]; )'”

An Instagram user named aidan._.amini commented and said this:

“Hell yeah!”

Another fan named herbert_harada wrote this:

“That’s awesome! Dave rocks”

See the Instagram post below.