In the most recently published interview of Classic Rock Magazine, Slash revealed the impact of the band Aerosmith upon his music.

Slash was asked in the interview to talk about his inspirations which led him to create his music. He recalled the times when he was 13 or 14 years old and began to discover his own musical taste apart from his dad’s, which included the groups such as The Beatles and The Who.

Slash also remembered the first time he saw the legendary bands like Aerosmith, Van Halen and Ted Nugent. As he spread great words to Van Halen, he did not hesitate to admit that Aerosmith‘s performance was horrible.

He said that the notion which he can call ‘his own band‘, not any other person’s, emerged with Aerosmith. Slash described his admiration and the sense of possessiveness to the band as:

“Joe Perry was the coolest looking guitar player, Steve Tyler looked completely manic. You know, the Stones were cool, but they were my dad’s band. Aerosmith was my band.”

He also mentioned the time when he first saw Aerosmith, Van Helen, and Ted Nugent on stage and said:

“In 1978 at the World Music Festival – two days, 15 to 20 bands a day. Ted Nugent and Cheap Trick were headlining the first day, Aerosmith and Van Halen the second day. And Aerosmith was fucking horrible!”

“There was only one song in the set that I actually recognized! It was just a huge barrage of noise. It was disappointing for me – I was expecting them to be more professional.”

Though he felt at that time that Aerosmith did not fulfilled his expectations with their show, after hearing about their drug issue Slash admitted that:

“But back then I had no idea about what the band was about. I didn’t know that, at that point, a good Aerosmith show was a rare occurrence. Van Halen totally blew them away!”

“But I was so innocent. I remember watching Steve Tyler fall over on stage and thinking, ‘Wow, the guy must be really clumsy.’ I had no idea drugs were involved.”

Slash said his understanding of the drug problem when making music is shaped when he experienced it himself and the band’s attitude and their music are all that matter in the industry. He also said that after Aerosmith’s comeback in 90’s, he lost his interest on them.

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