Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash recently gave an interview to Revolver, in which he reflected on working with different vocalists during his musical journey. He stated that Axl Rose holds a special place for him because he is the only singer who has managed to support his vocals with emotional content.

Throughout his music career spanning over 40 years, Slash has worked with several bands and vocalists. After his departure from Guns N’ Roses, he formed a side project named Slash’s Snakepit featuring Eric Dover on vocals. Later on, he decided to found a new band called Velvet Revolver with some of his former bandmates, featuring Scott Weiland as the lead singer.

In 2010, Slash released his self-titled debut solo album, and then, he collaborated with Alter Bridge lead singer Myles Kennedy in his first solo world tour to promote the album. Slash performed with several great vocalists, but for him, Axl Rose is different from the rest. He gave credit to Rose’s incredible talent, although the two had some personal problems in the past.

During the conversation, he touched upon working with various vocalists and what makes Axl Rose special. Slash stated that Rose takes a song to another level as he manages to bring also the emotional content to it, which he never met before. He explained that he had a good collaboration with the others on the instrumental level, but in Axl Rose, music and vocals are intertwined so well that it makes Rose different from the others.

Slash’s words on what makes Axl Rose special:

“I worked with different singers on and off for a while. When I met Axl, and we started jamming together, he was the only singer that ever brought an emotional content to it that affected me on an emotional level, on an energy level. Like a song, all of a sudden went to a whole new level, and I felt it.

That’s when I realized where music and vocals really meet. Because prior to that, everybody I worked with sucked. I’ve had no use for it, and I would just play instrumentally but, that’s when I first really arrived at that poignant feeling that you get when things connect on a lyrical, vocal, and music level.

You can watch the full interview below.